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  • Posted:March 17, 2017

Irish Heritage Day

A Personal Message from the Premier

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  • Posted:March 16, 2017

Ontario Releases Basic Income Consultation Feedback

Province Moving Forward with Pilot Program in 2017

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  • Posted:March 15, 2017

Memorial Day of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848

A Personal Message from the Premier

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  • Posted:March 14, 2017

Interview with Michel Picard from UniqueFM

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  • Posted:March 10, 2017

Where Latinos can get tax preparation help

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  • Posted:March 07, 2017

Women In Politics in Canada

UniqueFM interviews MPP Nathalie Des Rosiers

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  • Posted:March 03, 2017

Ontario Cutting Electricity Bills by 25 Per Cent

System Restructuring Would Deliver Lasting Relief to Households in Ottawa

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  • Posted:February 23, 2017

Supporting Ottawa Parents to Get Involved In Education

Enabling Student Achievement and Well-Being

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  • Posted:February 21, 2017

Liberal MPP’s Motion against Islamophobia to be debated in the Ontario Legislature on February 23, 2017

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  • Posted:February 14, 2017

Ontario’s Family Day

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  • Posted:February 10, 2017

Helping Ottawa Children’s Centres Stay Safe and Accessible

Province Supporting Repairs and Upgrades at Local Community Agencies

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  • Posted:February 02, 2017

Vote on Ideas to Build Ontario Up for Everyone

Up to $3 Million Available to Implement Voter-Selected ProposalsOntario is inviting the public to vote on ideas they would like to see implemented in the 2017 Budget to help people in their everyday lives by strengthening communities and improving public

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  • Posted:February 01, 2017

Improving consumer protection for travellers

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  • Posted:January 29, 2017

Islamophobia Motion

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  • Posted:January 27, 2017

Ontario Helping Ottawa Improve and Expand Public Transit

Province Providing New Funding to Manage Congestion, Improve Commutes

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  • Posted:January 25, 2017

Ontario Making Criminal Justice System Faster and Fairer in Eastern Ontario

Province Expanding Bail Programs and Hiring More Prosecutors and Court Staff

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  • Posted:January 24, 2017

Local Consultations Taking Place in Ottawa on Basic Income

Province Seeking Input on Innovative Way to Deliver Supports

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  • Posted:January 20, 2017

Ontario Supporting 7 Community Project in Ottawa-Vanier

Trillium Grants Are Helping People in Their Everyday Lives

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  • Posted:January 18, 2017

Ontario Helping Lift People Out of Poverty in Ottawa

Province Supporting Innovative Solutions to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

  • News
  • Posted:January 17, 2017

Infrastructure Investments Helping to Build Ottawa Up

Efforts Continue to Improve Quality of Life for All

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