The Supper Table Fundraising Event for the Poor

Dear constituents, 

I was asked to share this letter with you.

Good Afternoon,

I am the chair of Supper Table Advisory Committee.  I have a small request, which I will make after telling you about the Supper Table. 

The Story of the Supper Table

In the Spring of 1978 the late Fr. Fred Magee started a program to provide food for the working poor of Ottawa.  The Supper Table began with providing bagged lunches for the clientele.  In time and with support of St Joe’s parish the Supper Table would transition for only providing bagged lunches to a hot meal 5 days a week.  The Supper Table provides a hot meal for as many as 160 clients in an evening.  The development of the services at the Supper Table has not stopped.  In addition to dinner being served daily the Supper Table provides a food bank for the residents of Sandy Hill.  It also has groups who come in to bake in support of the Supper Table’s daily activities.  The Supper Table has a garden that helps grow vegetables that are served with dinner.   Lastly it runs a weekly community kitchen that helps individuals to develop their cooking skills.

  One of the challenges facing the poor of Ottawa is food security.  The activities at the Supper Table allow many of the poor to address this challenge.  These are vital services that are provided to the people of Ottawa.  These programs are dependent on contributions from the residents of Ottawa.  The Supper Table does not have any government funding from either the municipal, provincial or federal governments.  Due to these facts fund raising events are critical for the continued operations at the Supper Table.  May 27th there is going to be a night of Music Trivia.

  The Supper Table needs the support from numerous groups in Ottawa to ensure their activities continue.  My objective is to have as many people possible to attend the Music Trivia night on 27 May 2017.  I am requesting that you pass this letter and poster on to the Executive of your association.  They can inform your association members of this opportunity to help the poor in our community.

  Ideally it would be great if you or a representative could attend this event. Hunger is a problem that everyone faces daily.  The future of the Supper Table is dependent on help from you and your party’s members.   

Any questions please contact me at 613-850-6956.


Yours Truly


Chris Kelly










Pdf icon Ottawa Music Trivia Fundraising event In support of the Supper Table, a program that provides food for the working poor pf Ottawa and a food bank for the residents of Sandy Hill

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