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  • April 14, 2017

National Canadian Film Day 150 (April 19, 2017)

Open letter

Everybody has a favourite movie. You can quote lines and remember all the actors. Years later they still have the ability to make us laugh, or cry.  That’s because movies are the way we share our stories, the way we learn and celebrate who we are.

On the 100th anniversary of Confederation, the Oscar-winning short film “A Place to Stand” shared our spectacular natural beauty with the world at the Ontario pavilion at Expo 67. And, it was shot using ground breaking, split-screen technology.

It is only fitting that we celebrate our 150th anniversary with an acknowledgment of our legacy in film. That’s why National Canadian Film Day 150 is so exciting. It’s a chance for Canadians to share their stories and to celebrate who we are.  It will also be the biggest single day film festival in history!

On April 19th, Canadian films will be featured at more than 1,700 events across the country and around the world.  More than 850 screenings and special events will be here in Ontario in schools, National Parks, museums, town halls, and movie theatres. This is an opportunity to enjoy Canadian-made films, and to acknowledge the depth of talent and creativity we have here in Canada, especially in Ontario.

Many of the names of great Ontario artists are familiar, like Mary Pickford, James Cameron, and Ryan Gosling. But it’s a shame that so many other incredible talents are virtually unknown even here at home. National Canadian Film Day will help change that.

April 19th will not only expose all of us to brilliant home grown talent in front of and behind the camera, but for many of us, it will also be our first exposure to the stories about and by our Indigenous peoples, our Francophone heritage, our immigrants, and our young people.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know our neighbours and ourselves.

That is why I am so excited that National Canadian Film Day 150 screenings will take place in Ottawa at Canada Aviation and Space Museum on April 19th.

I urge you to make the time to go and see our stories, to take your children, to share popcorn with your neighbours and most of all to celebrate the talent that has taken our stories and created a narrative about our great province.

To learn more about National Canadian Film Day 150 go to

To learn more about all the amazing Ontario150 events and initiatives taking place near you and across the province, go to 

Nathalie Des Rosiers, MPP of Ottawa-Vanier



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